Spring RV Options for Any Adventure

By: O'Connor RV   |   28 Apr 2020
An RV parked next to river in the wilderness

Spring has arrived in Chilliwack, and folks across BC have eagerly started taking down the tarps to prepare their RVs for another season of adventuring! If you’ve been waiting for the right time to purchase an RV, then there is no time like the present - the future of airline travel is uncertain at best, and a mobile home gives you plenty of options for isolated camping adventures with your partner or family. But with so many trailers, campers, fifth wheels, motorhomes and toy haulers to choose from, how do you know which unit is right for you? At O’Connor RV, we’ve got something for every budget, family size and adventure, and our experts are here to help you find the perfect RV this season!

Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels and Toy Haulers, Oh My!

These RV terms may sound confusing, but they are all recreational vehicles that serve slightly different purposes. Let’s take a look at the main types of RVs that we carry at O’Connor RV:

1. Trailers and Campers. The terms “camper” and “trailer” are typically interchangeable, and refer to a unit that is towed by a truck or rides on the back of a truck. These can include pop ups, truck campers, travel trailers, lightweight trailers and more. A trailer or camper is the most common RV on the road, and they come in so many different layouts, sizes, designs, price points and even weights (for towing options that don’t require a pickup truck) that you are sure to find something that works for you!

2. Fifth Wheels. A fifth wheel is a specific type of trailer that has a long top portion that sits on top of a truck bed. Fifth wheels offer an interesting layout and plenty of space, which appeals to a lot of families, but they require a pickup truck with at least a 6-foot bed and a special hitch to be towed.

3. Toy Haulers. Toy haulers are unique in that they provide both living space and storage for “toys,” like ATVs, dirt bikes and ski-doos, all in one enclosed unit. If you know you’ll be travelling with additional toys, then this type of unit is a great option - but if you won’t be hauling the extra gear, then these big and often heavy units might not be necessary.

4. Motorhomes. If you’ve driven down a West Coast mountain highway, you’ve surely seen a motorhome on the road! Motorhomes combine a vehicle and living space all into one unit, and don’t require an extra vehicle for towing purposes. Motorhomes typically offer loads of space and a comfortable ride for long trips since you can use the amenities onboard while you drive. The con for some is that depending on the size of the motorhome, you’ll require a special license to be able to drive it in British Columbia. You also need to consider the mechanical components of a motorhome, since it can be a bit more challenging to find an RV service centre than a regular mechanic if you suffer a breakdown on the road.

Choosing the Right RV for Your Adventure

So how do you start choosing which RV is right for you? We recommend working through a few considerations to help you decide on the perfect unit:

What type of adventures interest you? If you’re planning to spend a lot of time on the road or in isolation, then you’ll want to make sure you have a unit that’s big enough for all passengers, supplies and gear on board. A trailer or fifth wheel from brands like Forest River can offer space and layouts that provide privacy, and enough accessories to live off the grid for at least a few weeks. If short, weekend trips are more your style, then a smaller, lightweight trailer, such as from Northern Lite, might fit the bill. If you’re truly looking to reduce your footprint and live with as little as possible, and be incredibly mobile, then you might love our selection of Pleasure Way camper vans!

What type of vehicle do you own? Many trailers and campers need to be pulled by a pickup truck, and a fifth wheel is dependent on a truck with a minimum 6-foot bed and special trailer hitch. You can easily look up your vehicle’s ‘max towing capacity’ to determine what weight you’ll be able to tow, and then find units that fit within those restrictions. Most newer RVs are being made with sturdy, long-wearing and lightweight aluminum materials, which makes the possibilities endless!

What is your camping timeline? Due to our West Coast climate and relative accessibility to drive south, many BC’ers opt for all-season RVs. Not all RVs are made the same, and a spring/summer unit might not fare very well in cold, rainy or snowy conditions. But if the option to set out for adventure 365 days a year appeals to you, then brands like Outdoors RV have plenty of all-season trailers that are ready for action all year long!

O’Connor RV is Here to Help!

Whether this is your first RV or you’re a seasoned camper, the team at O’Connor RV is here to help you find the perfect camper, trailer, toy hauler, fifth wheel or motorhome for your next adventure. With plenty of spring sales in full swing and a huge inventory of new and used RVs arriving at our Chilliwack dealership daily, now is the perfect time to give us a call to learn more about getting into the perfect RV this season!



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