COVID and Camping

By: O'Connor RV   |   21 Apr 2020
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Disclaimer: Here at O’Connor RV, we strongly recommend following the regulations set out by our lawmakers and governments regarding the health and safety of our community. This post suggests tips for spending time outdoors this summer only if Covid-19 quarantine measures are lifted and it is deemed safe to do so by the authorities. Stay safe!


2020 has been a whirlwind year (to say the least!) and many of us are still coming to terms with the drastic ways in which our world has changed. While we all do our part to keep our families and community members safe, here at O’Connor RV we remain hopeful that we’ll still be able to take advantage of BC’s camping season this year! Many seasoned campers know that heading into the great outdoors can be the perfect way to remain isolated while you enjoy a change of scenery, fresh air and fun new activities. So how can the team at O’Connor help you camp safely around Chilliwack this summer? Here are some of our top tips for enjoying this year’s camping season responsibly during these uncertain times!

Tips and Tricks for Camping in Isolation

Most campgrounds and RV parks are still closed across BC, and there is no guarantee as to when these spots might reopen - but that doesn’t mean that camping is cancelled! If you can’t permanently park the trailer at an RV site this year, then we recommend adopting a more nomadic RV camping lifestyle. British Columbia is big - really big! - and full of long stretches of highway that are best enjoyed from the comfort of a trailer or motorhome where you can stop and prepare food, take a snooze, or read a book from a scenic overlook. Many of our best BC adventure stories from last year came from folks who used their mobile home to travel from place to place, enjoying solo hikes or some solitude at various stops along the way.


When you’re camping in isolation, there are a few other considerations that will help to make your experience a lot more comfortable:


Don’t skimp on space. If you were already considering trading in your current camper for a model with more square footage, then now might be the perfect time to take the plunge! Whether you’re trading up or buying new, our team can recommend RV brands and models with enough space for storing linens, food, emergency supplies and of course giving each passenger on board adequate personal space.


Plan a route. If you’re used to keeping your trailer at a seasonal RV park, then you’ll face new challenges (and fun!) researching brand new BC road trips and destinations to explore. Save yourself unnecessary stress while you’re on the road by having your route, scenic stops and places to park for the night planned out in advance whenever possible.


Pack enough provisions. Right now, we can’t depend on various businesses and services being open, so we suggest packing more provisions than you think you’ll need. Four-season linens and clothing (think merino wool and breathable cottons), non-perishable food items, backup generators and a well-stocked emergency kit are all important items to keep on hand.


Look to the future. Sure, things might be different right now, but an RV is a lifelong investment! Have some fun thinking about where else your trailer, camper, fifth wheel or motorhome will take you in the future: if you want to embrace all-season adventuring, then a four-season unit might be a great option; if you’re hoping to learn how to minimize your environmental footprint, then perhaps you can start experimenting with a lightweight camper this season.


Consider upgrades for living off the grid. Many RVs can be upgraded with features that will extend how long you can stay isolated in your mobile home, such as solar panels, installing larger blue and grey tanks for freshwater and wastewater, and large awnings and screens that will make spending time outside more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our O’Connor team members about your options!


The world is full of a lot of uncertainty right now, but our team at O’Connor RV continues to remain optimistic about the possibility of camping across the Fraser Valley and beautiful British Columbia this season! By making small changes to the way we camp, mobile living can offer plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors and make new memories while remaining responsible about social distancing measures. If you have questions about getting your family into a new RV this season or simply want to chat about the future of camping, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly team members at O’Connor RV right here in Chilliwack, BC!


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