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Travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes, oh my! With so many different types of units available on the market, understanding the world of recreational vehicles can be a challenge. Don’t fret - our team is here to help you choose the right RV for your unique needs. In this simple guide, we’re outlining the most important specs for each type of RV that we sell here at O’Connor RV, including layout, key features, towability and more. Get started by brushing up on the basics, and then reach out to learn more about the units that you’re most interested in!

Types of RVs for Sale at O’Connor RV



A motorhome is the entire package - vehicle and living quarters - all wrapped up into one unit. The size of these RVs vary widely depending on their class: Class A units are large, bus-like motorhomes, Class B units are converted vans that are best suited for 1-2 people, and Class C units land somewhere in the middle, often sleeping 2-4 comfortably. These units are handy because they don’t require a pickup truck for towing, and many folks who plan to spend a long time on the road prefer to travel in a motorhome.


pointWide range of styles and prices

pointDriving and living areas are connected for on-the-go convenience

pointSingle-unit design means no towing vehicle necessary

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Travel Trailer

This is the most common type of RV, and comes in such a massive range of styles, layouts and sizes that there is truly a model for everyone. Whether you go for a large & luxurious unit, a lightweight trailer or something in the middle, you’ll need to tow it with a hitch on the bumper of your truck or SUV. It’s important to know your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity, and look for travel trailers that fit within those specifications. You can expect the majority of travel trailers to have plenty of comfortable amenities, including sleeping quarters, a kitchen, toilet, heating and cooling, and storage space.


pointSizes, layouts and weights are virtually limitless

pointLarger trailers can be parked at campsites for long term use

pointOnboard amenities make travel trailers comfortable living spaces

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Toy Hauler

Snowmobiles, dirtbikes and ATVs - West Coasters love their toys! This is a unique type of RV that combines traditional living quarters with an additional storage area for your “toys.” You’ll often find a ramp on the garage side for easy loading/unloading, and the storage area is durable and sturdy. The living quarters typically have all of the same amenities as any travel trailer, and can sleep multiple people. Toy Haulers have an incredible amount of versatility and remain a popular choice among our customers!


pointVersatile space provides plenty of on-the-go options

pointBring along your toys without towing a second trailer

pointLots of options for size, layout and price

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Fifth Wheel

Another unique unit, fifth wheels are recognizable by their upper area that juts over a truck bed and large attached trailer. These RVs need to be connected to a pickup truck using a special hitch, called a gooseneck, that sits in the truck bed instead of the bumper, which makes fifth wheel RVs easy to tow, maneuver and park. Although they require a relatively heavy-duty pickup with a long truck bed, fifth wheels are easy to handle on the road, and offer tons of interior space which makes them ideal for large families.


pointTypically the most spacious of all RVs

pointGooseneck hitch provides easy maneuverability and secure towing

pointCan provide a very “homey” feel inside

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Truck Camper

Truck campers are easily recognizable for their upper portion that sits on top of a pickup truck bed. This type of unit essentially turns your truck into its own mobile home, and can offer comfortable living and sleeping areas for 1-3 people despite their relatively low profile. Because truck campers are so easy to transport, you can take the road less travelled and set up camp virtually anywhere that your truck can park.


pointLightweight and low profile design is easy to transport

pointCan get more places than larger trailers or motorhomes

pointCamper is detachable when you need access to your truck

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Find the Perfect Mobile Home at O’Connor RV

We stock a massive inventory of trailers, motorhomes, fifth wheels, toy haulers and campers to ensure that we’ve got something for every customer who visits us here at O’Connor RV. If you’re not quite sure where to start, then simply reach out to our team! Our experienced staff will ask the right questions to help narrow down your choices, and then show you the most relevant RVs for your lifestyle and budget. Find the perfect mobile home with O’Connor RV!

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