Tiny Home Creations in BC With Stattonrock

By: O'Connor RV   |   19 Jun 2021
Tiny Home Creations in BC With Stattonrock

Have you ever wondered what the #TinyHome movement is all about, or whether a tiny home is for you? We’re embracing small-space living here at O’Connor RV, and proud to be an exclusive supplier of Stattonrock Tiny Home Creations in the Chilliwack area.

We love the freedom and simplicity that tiny homes offer, but we know that many of our customers still have lingering questions about these unique mobile units. Today on the blog, we’re sharing the top features and benefits of Stattonrock Tiny Homes, and how you can pre-order yours from O’Connor RV!

Top Five Benefits of Tiny Homes

  1. Reduced cost of living. Most people who adopt the tiny-home lifestyle find themselves living mortgage-free, and with minimal additional bills and expenses. Taking up just 400 square feet or less, it doesn’t cost much to keep a tiny home running! This provides a great opportunity to save money, reduce debts, or reduce your annual expenses so you can use your cash for other purposes, like a business investment or travel.

  2. Small homes are environmentally sustainable. Occupying less space is a sound choice for those who are concerned about their ecological footprint. These minimalist spaces use very little energy and require just a small piece of land. Many folks who make the switch to tiny-home living also opt to relocate to more natural areas, living harmoniously with the environment.

  3. Downsizing can be a cathartic process. When we live in bigger spaces, we tend to accumulate more, well, stuff! When you move into a space that’s less than 400 square feet, you’re forced to think critically about what you want to keep and what you can do without. Switching to a more minimalist lifestyle can be extremely therapeutic, and you can rent a small storage space for your most treasured possessions if you’re not quite ready to part with them.

  4. Freedom! Stattonrock Tiny Homes are fully mobile, giving you the freedom to pick up, move out, and relocate on your own schedule. You can even experience living in multiple places without needing to buy, sell or rent a home. Not only do tiny homes offer mobile living freedom, but they offer freedom in your day-to-day as well. Maintenance is minimal in a small space, so feel free to chuck that lengthy to-do list out the window!

  5. Endless usage possibilities. Tiny homes have a variety of uses. Put a unit on your property to be used as a freestanding office that’s separate from your main house, a cool place for the kids to hang, a hobby den, an interesting spot to host friends, or even a home gym! Stattonrock can help you design a custom tiny home that is perfectly suited for your needs.


Stattonrock Does it Better!

“A tiny home asks, “what do you really need to be happy?” A dreamy sleeping loft clad in tongue and groove pine? Spacious cabinets that give everything a perfect home? Airy ceilings for morning stretches and full-sized windows that light up every corner? Paring down means living lighter, but better. Our tiny homes promise a lifestyle without limits in a plan without compromise.”


Stattonrock Tiny Homes and Small Spaces are engineered using quality materials and craftsmanship, guaranteeing they’ll last for years to come. These units are airy, full of natural light, gorgeous, and thoughtfully designed to maximize space in every nook and cranny. Just because you’re living in a small space doesn’t mean compromising on creature comforts like a full-size kitchen, bathtub, or bed!

Stattonrock manufactures a wide variety of standard units that suit a range of customer needs and budgets, but you can also contact us here at O’Connor RV to talk about pre-ordering a specific unit or even working with Stattonrock to create your very own dream tiny home. Take a look through our current Stattonrock inventory to see exactly what’s available on our lot, or send us a message to discuss pre-ordering your Stattonrock Tiny Home!



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