Is a Tiny Home for You?

By: O'Connor RV   |   28 Apr 2021
people in front of a tiny home in the woods

People decide to purchase a mobile home for many reasons: for some, RV life is all about hitting the open road with no end to the journey in sight; for others, it’s about having a destination you can escape to away from your permanent home; and still, for others, it’s about downsizing your belongings into a compact and mobile living space. Wherever RV ownership takes you, it’s always synonymous with freedom!

Today on the blog, we’re chatting about the latest product that we’re proud to offer here at O’Connor RV - custom tiny homes by Stattonrock! The tiny home movement is growing in popularity, and offering folks new opportunities to experience mobile-home freedom. Tiny homes typically occupy 400 square feet or less, and include all of the basic amenities of any permanent home, including a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping quarters. Tiny homes are mobile, so they can be towed to different locations, or set up permanently on a piece of land.

Small house in the woods

How do You Know if a Tiny Home is Right for You?

“Tiny homes have evolved to include every modern convenience and an endless range of purposes. We build tiny offices, tiny workout rooms, tiny yoga studios, tiny photo studios, tiny music rooms and tiny vacation rentals. Enjoy a new view whenever you like, or add a small space to your traditional home. Plan a retreat for others to use or customize a personal escape. If your imagination thrives in 300 square feet, we’d love to build your vision.” Stattonrock

People are jumping on the tiny home movement for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few benefits of tiny-home living - if any of these resonate with you, there’s a good chance that purchasing a tiny home could be right for you!

  1. Freedom of movement. Stay in one spot for a while before moving onto the next - the world is your oyster!

  2. Lower costs. Most tiny-home owners have no mortgage and minimal living expenses.

  3. Easy maintenance. Maintaining a tiny home is relatively easy and inexpensive - say goodbye to your weekly to-do list.

  4. Simplified living. Most folks find downsizing to be a cathartic practice. Not ready to ditch all of your belongings? A low-cost storage unit is an efficient way to hold onto those pieces you’re just not ready to part with.

  5. Sustainability. Tiny homes use very little energy, and allow you to live more harmoniously within nature while greatly reducing your carbon footprint.

Not everyone who purchases a tiny home does so with the intention to live in it permanently. A custom-built tiny home can serve a variety of alternative purposes:

  • A tiny home on your property to be used as a home office

  • Tiny homes make great locations for hosting classes, as opposed to leasing or renting space from someone else

  • A personal studio for exploring your hobbies, like dance, yoga, art, or music

  • Custom design a tiny home for your kids or teens to have a safe place where they can be with friends - or by themselves!

  • Enjoy a gorgeous, quiet place where you can escape to nature

Quality, Custom Tiny Homes from Stattonrock

Are you worried about the quality of your tiny home compared to, well, a regular-sized home? Don’t be! At O’Connor RV, we are proud to supply our customers with tiny homes by Stattonrock, Fraser Valley’s award-winning custom home experts. With dozens of nominations and awards under their belts, Stattonrock offers the most dependable full-suite home design & build services in British Columbia.


Whether you’re interested in starting a tiny-home build from scratch or prefer to purchase a pre-constructed unit, O’Connor RV is here to help your dreams of tiny-home living come true. Not quite ready to commit to a tiny home? We carry a massive selection of trailers, campers and motorhomes to suit the needs of all our customers. Take a look through our inventory of RVs and Stattonrock tiny homes, and give us a call to arrange a viewing of any unit that catches your eye!



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