Why We Love Four-Season Campers

By: O'Connor RV   |   19 Aug 2022

While summer vacation destinations are often at the top of our list of yearly destinations, the avid adventurer knows that weather shouldn’t be the key indicator of a good ol’ time. Whether you hate to limit the potential of a good getaway to the summer months or like to think of yourself as a digital nomad who lives in an RV all year round, four-season campers are for you! If you’re unfamiliar with four-season RVs, the term is pretty self-explanatory.  Equipped with proper insulation, cooling, and heating, a four-season travel trailer is a camper you can live in during summer, spring, winter, and fall! Most RVs, while fully engineered to handle the elements, are not typically designed to respond to a multitude of environmental conditions. Taking your tried-and-true RV out for the summer months will not fair as easily if you decide to do a winter road trip. Here at O’Connor RV, we have a wide range of four-season RVs to choose from if you fancy yourself more than just the average weekend warrior. Let’s explore more reasons to love four-season campers!

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Insulation. Better insulation results in two things: Heating and cooling with lower energy requirements and more comfort in extreme weather. Four-season campers at O’Connor are categorized with a higher R-value in the walls, floor, and ceiling to ensure your camping trips are adequately insulated.

Sealed Gaps. RVs have gaps around windows, vents, exterior doors and wires, and in corners. Wires inside cabinets and coming in from storage areas don’t fill the holes that provide passage. If holes are not filled with insulation as most four-seasons do, the RV will leak a lot of energy which we don’t want!

Double-Pane Windows. With glass windows, it can be difficult to block temperature transfer. Double panes will do a bit better with the space between panes. They also reduce or prevent interior-surface window condensation. Low-emissivity glass, which reflects heat toward the warmer side of the window, helps both in the winter and summer months.

Higher Heating Capacity. An undersized heater on a thermostat will run non-stop if the weather is cold enough. Thankfully, four-season RVs tend to have a higher heating capacity, so your heater doesn’t need to be constantly running.

Water and Waste Systems. The last thing you need while on the road is a frozen plumbing line. Four-season campers include A heated, insulated enclosure beneath the rig to keep water and waste lines, tanks, and dump lines from freezing.

Four Seasons Brand Spotlight: Outdoors RV

Much like the Northwood Arctic Fox, the Mountain series from Outdoors RV is designed to be taken off the beaten path and into the great unknown. Outdoors RV Specializes in heavy-duty travel trailers built to withstand any weather or elements.

The insulation on their four-season travel trailer is unmatched by competitors plus, the windows are double-paned, and you get plenty of heat from the furnace. However, while cold temperatures are the specialty, models like the Creekside 21RD can also make you comfortable when the weather warms up. 

Another element that we like about this four-season camper is that it has two skylights. One is over the dinette, and the other is in the shower. These add-ons enable you to save on battery power (or shore power if you’re plugged in) since you get tons of natural light inside.


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Why limit your RV adventures to the summer months? Feel confident enough to pull out the RV any day of the year with O’Connor RV’s wide selection of four-season RVs! Browse our inventory of travel trailers, campers, fifth-wheelers, and more today!


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