Top 5 RV Camping Tips North of Chilliwack

By: O'Connor RV   |   30 Jun 2022

For avid campers and weekend road trippers, planning a camping trip can become second nature with all the necessary supplies organized and ready to go at a moment's notice. Others might spend nearly months planning in advance, reserving campgrounds early and getting their RVs de-winterized at the first sign of spring. If you don’t identify with this type but still hope to explore the open road north of BC, don’t worry – O’Connor RV is here to help!  

In British Columbia, we are fortunate to have more than 1,000 provincial parks and recreation sites, seven national parks, and hundreds of private campgrounds and RV sites. That alone can feel overwhelming, but we promise it's one of the most rewarding parts of living in our great nation.  

Let’s get into our top five camping tips for venturing north of Chilliwack to help ease the stress of planning a camping trip. Even if you just pick a couple of tips to try, you’ll be way ahead of other first-time campers!

  1. Decide ahead of time what type of campground you want. Looking for a deluxe campground offering a spacious swimming pool and organized kid’s programs? Or would you prefer something more laid-back with hiking trails and a chance to relax by a lake? Make sure to make reservations at your campground. Many times, off-season reservations aren’t necessary, but why take the risk?

  1. Arrive early at your campsite. This is particularly essential if you are unfamiliar with your RV or even how to set up the tent. You’ll be more comfortable getting your campsite ready if you don’t have “neighbours” sitting in their lawn chairs watching you muddle your way through leveling your RV. You can also make your life easier by asking for a “Pull Thru” site where you simply pull the RV through a site. No awkward backing into place!

  2. The Dollar Store is a camper’s best friend. From organization bins to everyday supplies, you can pretty much be set with a Dollar store run. Purchase a variety of plastic storage buckets. Fill one with basic First Aid supplies. Don’t forget bug spray! Other tubs can hold condiments, plastic dishes, and glow sticks for late-night fun. You’ll also want to pick up some flip-flops for every family member to use in the campground washrooms and showers.

  3. Plan your campfire ahead of time. Don’t get stuck frantically trying to start a fire on a cold evening. Before you leave home, have kids make simple fire starters. Cut cardboard toilet paper rolls in half. Stuff each half with dryer lint, then wrap each piece in wax paper. Twist the two ends, which serve as your wick when placed on the firewood.

  4. Use resources available to you. Parks Canada runs a Learn to Camp program in partnership with MEC. Participants learn about recreation safety, get camp-cooking tips, and learn how to pitch a tent and build a fire. Other great resources include Camping & RV in BC, AdventureSmart, and the MEC Blog. Get information on camping experiences in BC, safety tips, and inspiration for planning, and be sure to read the “Know Before You Go” section on the BC Parks website.

Get Ready for the Open Road with O’Connor RV

Whether you’re parking the family RV at a campground for the season or taking the road less travelled in your trusty motorhome, the O’Connor RV team is always happy to help you get the most out of your camping adventures. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by our lot if you have any questions about camping in BC with your RV. Interested in taking your camping trips to the next level? Browse our inventory of exceptional RVs and contact us to set up a test drive!


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