How to Mouse-Proof Your RV

By: O'Connor RV   |   12 Jan 2021
RV Mouse-Proofing Strategies

When you picture heading to the campsite this spring in your beloved camper, bringing along winter stowaways probably isn’t part of the plan. Yep, we’re talking about mice, and the, ahem, messes that these furry little friends can create if they break into your RV during the winter. When it’s in storage, the inside of your mobile home is relatively warm, quiet, protected from the elements and might even have some spare food hanging around, making it a very tempting place for these critters to set up camp. The best defence against a pest infestation is a good offence, which is why we’re dropping our ultimate RV mouse-proofing guide on the O’Connor RV blog today.


RV Mouse-Proofing Strategies

Take Your RV Off the Menu With These Airtight Mouse-Proofing Strategies

Though they can certainly look cute, trust us - you don’t want mice in your RV! Once they’ve gotten comfortable inside of your trailer, they can be tough to get rid of, and can leave behind a pretty nasty warpath of ripped fabrics, holes in the walls, interior damage and droppings. The O’Connor RV service team are experts when it comes to RV winterizing and mouse-proofing strategies - let’s take a look at their top DIY pest-deterrent tips:

1. One of the best ways to protect your trailer from unwanted visitors is to make it an unwelcome place for pesky rodents in the first place. That means thoroughly cleaning your RV from top to bottom, and removing all food from the cupboards, refrigerator and pantry. Once you’re sure that you’ve done a good job with this step, do it one more time. Even the smallest crumbs, leftover oils and forgotten boxes of snacks at the back of a cupboard can attract these whiskered friends, so it’s vital that you take extra care when it comes to this important step.

2. Another excellent way to protect your unit from rodent damage is to carefully patch and seal your RV before tucking it in for the winter. There are a surprising number of openings, windows and vents in a typical mobile home, and a cozy interior space can be extra inviting for a chilly little mouse. Take the time to patch exterior cracks, seal your windows, cover your unit with a sturdy tarp or high-quality RV cover, and carefully check your floor, walls and ceiling for holes. Mice can fit through spaces far smaller than you can imagine, so any crack or hole is deserving of your attention and repair.

3. Additionally, you can add traps and other deterrents throughout the RV to act as a backup method for pest control. Though some folks aren’t comfortable with the idea of traps or poison, there are several substances that are thought to work quite well as a natural mouse-deterrent, such as peppermint oil, mothballs and even dryer sheets. We suggest placing these strong scents in places where food smells tend to linger, like near the stove and microwave, inside of cupboards, near your fridge and even on the kitchen floor - particularly along cracks and seams.

O’Connor RV Can Help With Your Winterizing & Mouse-Proofing Needs

Nobody wants to open their RV in the spring only to be surprised by a mouse infestation. Give yourself (and your investment!) the best chance for making it through the winter rodent-free by enlisting help from an RV winterizing and mouse-proofing professional. The O’Connor RV service department works on hundreds of trailers, campers and motorhomes each year, and we are well-known as Chilliwack’s most trusted destination for quality RV services. There’s still time to mouse-proof your unit - reach out to one of our friendly team members, and ask about booking your service appointment today!

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