Is a 4-Season Camper Right for Me?

By: O'Connor RV   |   28 Oct 2020

It can be easy to catch the end-of-summer blues when the prospect of being stuck indoors for the next few months sets in - especially after the challenging year we’ve had. But don’t hang up your hiking boots just yet - fall and winter camping can provide some of the best adventures you’ll have all year, not to mention that it offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while observing social distancing. We get it: planning for a camping trip through the current fall season, and even into the upcoming winter months, can feel intimidating - but armed with the right gear, you’ll wonder why you ever limited yourself to summer-only camping!

Today on the blog, the O’Connor RV crew is highlighting the incredible versatility of four-season RVs, and how these specialized trailers can help you stay healthy, happy and safely enjoying the BC wilderness all year long.




What is a Four-Season Camper?

Four-season RVs are specially designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including snow, ice and subzero temperatures. They have several features that differ from regular trailers, including additional moisture-resistant insulation in the walls, floors, ceiling and around plumbing lines, an enclosed and heated underbelly to protect your vital tanks, double-paned windows, weather-resistant exterior features, additional storage solutions (you need to pack more gear in the winter), all-terrain tires, and efficient heating and moisture-management systems. In the fall and winter, condensation and moisture can be your worst enemy, so many all-season RV packages focus on keeping your entire unit warm and dry.

We have one of the best selections of four-season RVs in Chilliwack, and stock a range of models to fit every need, family size and budget. We carry popular units from brands who set the standard for all-season campers, like Outdoors RV and Northern Lite. Not quite sure which all-season camper is right for you, or how their features make them suitable for cold-weather camping? Just reach out to our O’Connor RV team - we’ll chat your ear off about all things related to RVs and camping!


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Why We Love Fall & Winter Camping in BC - and You Will Too!

There are so many areas of the West Coast that stay relatively mild through the winter, making it the perfect place to explore 365-day a year! So why do we love fall and winter camping so much?




• Lakes, trails, highways and campgrounds are far less busy - more space to enjoy the great outdoors (and the journey to get there) in solitude!

• Campgrounds often have great deals on off-season site rental prices, helping you travel for less.

• Two words: no bugs.

• You’ll be treated to opportunities for seeing a host of interesting wildlife that you might not typically see in the summer, especially during late-fall migrations.

• Winter sports are a blast - dress warm and rent some snowshoes!

• Everybody loves that “cozy” feeling, and there’s nothing cozier than being inside of your toasty RV with a book while the snow falls quietly outside.

• The night sky looks different in the winter - grab a constellation guide and some binoculars for spectacular stargazing

• Stocking your RV with winter accessories is really fun: warm blankets, fuzzy slippers, flameless candles and unlimited hot cocoa sounds good to us!



We may be biased, but at O’Connor RV we truly believe that with the right RV, the right gear and the right attitude, four-season camping is something that anyone can enjoy. Still have questions about purchasing a four-season RV, or how to prepare for year-round BC camping? Give us a call! Our team is eager to show off our selection of four-season RVs, and to help you fall in love with fall and winter camping!



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