How to Choose a Used RV

By: O'Connor RV   |   30 Jul 2020
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Whether you’re looking to buy your first or fifth used RV, it can be a confusing process. There is a lot to learn about what each RV brand specializes in, what types of units will work with your vehicle and how the overall purchasing process works. Our goal at O’Connor RV is to make it as simple and straightforward - heck, and even fun! - as possible for our customers to purchase the perfect used RV for their needs. Today on the blog, we’re taking a look at some of the best tips and tricks on how to shop stress-free for a used RV!

Step One: Look at Similar Units to Compare Prices

Great, so you’ve found a used RV that you love and it seems like it’s a good price - but how can you be sure? A great first step is to look at several similar units and compare their price points. Now, a fully-loaded luxury trailer will inevitably cost more than your average camper, so a few items to consider for an accurate price point comparison include:

  • Features: compare the types and sizes of included appliances, the size of the freshwater, grey and black tanks, the type of heating and AC, the size and number of beds, size and type of shower, and extras like slide outs, skylights and awnings.

  • Size: You’ll find the size of a unit listed in a “length x width x height” format. A massive family-friendly trailer will cost more than a compact camper built for a couple, so make sure the models you’re looking at are roughly the same size to accurately compare their prices.

  • Photos: a picture says a thousand words! You should be able to tell what type of shape a unit is in simply by browsing through interior and exterior photos. A unit that’s been well-loved may cost less, so keep that in mind while you’re comparing prices.

  • Brand and year: an older trailer with more mileage will cost less than something that’s only a year old, so keep that in mind while you shop. Some brands are also known for being more costly (often due to the building materials they use or luxury features they’re known for incorporating), so this can influence the cost of two units that otherwise look very similar.

O’Connor RV operates under full transparency. When you are browsing through our inventory of used RVs, you can simply click on a listing to gather all of the data listed above. We share all relevant details, features, photos and prices with our online shoppers to help them make educated buying decisions, and to respect their time before they come down to our Chilliwack dealership to see a unit.

Step Two: Secure Affordable FinancingStep Two: Secure Affordable Financing

O’Connor RV has one of the best Finance Departments in the Fraser Valley, and we work within your budget to make sure you drive away in an RV that you can afford. We have plenty of financing deals always happening here at O’Connor, plus additional deals and savings on most of our used trailers, campers and motorhomes. When you’ve found a unit that really catches your eye, our handy online Payment Estimator will give you a good idea of what your monthly payments will be. You can enter important figures such as your down payment and preferred financing terms to calculate your approximate monthly payment - if you like what you see, then it’s time to schedule your viewing and have our team get to work finalizing the paperwork for your new RV!

Step Three: Choosing the Right RV

There are many types of RVs out there, and narrowing down what you truly want is the fun part! Consider how many people will be using the RV to help you select a size (you’ll see wording on most unit listing pages like “sleeps 2-3” to help you out), and think hard about what your “must-haves” are in terms of luxuries onboard: do you like to cook? Do you want a queen bed? Is being able to look up at the stars a must? Will you be camping in the winter? Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you find it!

You’ll also want to look into the towing capacity of your vehicle to determine how heavy your RV can be. We carry plenty of lightweight trailers that can be towed by an SUV or small truck, but larger units will require a pickup truck for safe towing. You’ll find dozens of fantastic used trailers and campers in our inventory that fit a wide variety of needs and budgets for BC campers.

Find Your Dream RV with O’Connor!

Ready to start your next big adventure? Shop used trailers, campers, motorhomes and more with O’Connor RV! Our team is here to walk you through the entire buying process, whether you simply need gentle guidance or somebody to explain every step of the process from start to finish. We carry the best (and best priced!) selection of used RVs in Chilliwack, and help hundreds of customers from across the Fraser Valley find the perfect RV every single year. Give us a call to secure one of our used RVs for your very own!

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