How to Open Your RV in the Spring

By: O'Connor RV   |   01 Apr 2020
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Follow These Steps to Get Out Camping Sooner

The temps are rising and the parks will soon be ready for exploring (not to mention, we still have tonnes of awesome post-RV show deals on our lot!) Wondering how and when you should summer-ize your RV or motorhome? Let the RV experts at O’Connor RV fill you in on how to open your camper for the season --plus get best-practice tips on starting your outdoor adventures!

When You Should Open Your RV

Honestly, as soon as possible! Why shouldn’t you wait until a week or two before your first outing? Other than potentially trip-wrecking complications, tackling your RV open in early spring also gives you the chance to properly test every aspect of your rig while it’s still in your driveway. If a problem is found, our experienced techs at O’Connor RV are here to get you safely set up once again.

How You Should Open Your RV

Now that we have the “when” sorted out, let’s dive into how to get your motorhome ready for summer. It’s best to start from the very top and move your way down -- so get up there and check out that roof! Look for sagging or dipping from both the inside and the outside of the rig to assess possible structural damages.

Next, switch your focus to any pop-out or roll-out parts of the RV including awnings. Things may be a little stiff after months shut up, so have some oil handy. From there, check out any generators and other electrical equipment. At this point, it’s also important to do a full liquid flush. Run water through the pipes so that all antifreeze is washed away. Turn on each faucet and give the toilet a flush, as well, just to ensure there are no blockages. 

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Put the key in the ignition and let your unit run for a few minutes -- until it’s nice and warm, then shut it off. While fluid is on your mind, pop the hood up and have a look inside the engine compartment. This is when you’re going to want to top up engine oil, windshield washer fluid and any other fluid compartment in the RV.

End your springtime inspection with a tire-pressure check and fill up each tire as needed. Keep track of the tire pressure in the weeks to come to ensure that no leaks are present before you hit the open road!

Don’t Forget to Spring Clean!

One of the most important maintenance tasks when opening up your RV is to give it a proper clean. Trapped moisture from the winter months can lead to mould and mildew -- two major value killers that will cut years off of your camper’s life. Open cupboards, give attention to corners and put extra work into cleaning any fabric in the rig. 

We offer cleaning products at O’Connor to get the job done right or opt for natural DIY cleaners for a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative. Make sure whatever you use is safe for fabrics and tough on mould.

Overwhelmed? Let Us Help!

At O’Connor RV, we offer a full de-winterizing service to take all of the difficult work out of camping prep. Not only do we make it easy to get your RV or motorhome road-ready, but we also take time to ensure everything is working safely, so you can have peace of mind while having your adventures this summer. Contact us to book your service now!


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