RVing is the best way to travel

By: Trenna Pennington   |   19 Mar 2020

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As Health Authorities work to contain the spread of the coronavirus, camping and RVing will likely be the favoured form of travel.

As the fight to contain the spread of the coronavirus continues - consider planning camping or RV travel for vacation getaways. These types of trips will be favoured over foreign travel in the upcoming weeks and months.

“People who were planning to take cruises or trips overseas don’t have to cancel their vacations. They can go camping instead,” Rod Siemens GM of O'Connor RV.

“Whether you camp in a tent or RV, you can go wherever you want to go, cook your own meals and create memories with your closest friends and family for as many days as you want.”

Rod also noted that camping and RV travel were the preferred forms of travel after the 9/11 attacks of 2001, which prompted many Canadians to choose camping trips right here at home as opposed to travel overseas.

“When you go camping,” Says Rod, “you have more control over your environment. You don’t have to go into crowded places. You can have as much or as little interaction with other people as you feel comfortable with.”

“Camping also entails getting outside and enjoying healthy activities in the fresh air, such as hiking, biking, bouldering and kayaking, all of which help clear the mind while giving your body stress-reducing exercise in beautiful settings.”

Most British Columbians live close to great places to camp.

“We have so many beautiful and interesting campgrounds people can use as their base camps" said Rod

O'Connor RV offers a wide variety of RVs to suit anyone's lifestyle and budget.

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