Your How-To Guide for Seasonal BC Camping

Summer might be winding down, but here on the West Coast, camping season tends to continue long after we lose the sun. Our mild winters and outdoorsy spirits make all-season camping in the Chilliwack area very popular, but there are a few additional considerations that will help you get the most out of RV camping this fall and winter.

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1. Check for highway and campground closures in the area

Wildfire season is becoming more of a concern each year. It's essential that you check for highway and campground closures in the area, pack an emergency kit with fire safety in mind, and do your part to help minimize the risk of inadvertently starting a wildfire.

BC Fire Bans and Restrictions Updates ->

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2. Book your campground in advance

We recommend booking your campground in advance, even during the off-season, to avoid driving around unable to find a site. BC Parks offers helpful resources for finding and booking campsites that suit a variety of needs, 365 days a year.

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3. Prepare your rig for four-season camping

There are plenty of ways to prepare your rig for four-season camping, including insulating, weather-proofing windows and cracks, covering the underbelly of your unit to protect tanks, and stocking up on cozy blankets, clothes, and weatherproof rugs.

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The Right RV for Your Fall Camping Needs

Now is the perfect time to find a new unit that is specifically designed for four-season camping, sell your current rig, or shop end-of-season clearance models - and O’Connor RV can help!

All-Season RVs

All-Season RVs

Keep the adventure going 365 days a year with all-season RVs designed to handle BC’s toughest camping conditions.


Sell Your RV

Sell Your RV

Ready to part with your rig before winter hits? Take a look at our RV consignment services for help selling your current unit.


Save On Used RVs

Save On Used RVs

Fall is the perfect time to get a great deal on a used RV or current-year model. Find your dream rig at your dream price!


Service Your RV Right This Fall

Whether you’re planning to overhaul your current unit for all-season camping or packing it in for the year, our service team can help. RV winterization is your number one tool for maintaining the life of your RV and includes important steps like disconnecting your battery, repairing exterior damages, fluid removal, preparing electrical components for hibernation, tips for self-storage, and more. Get help with custom RV upgrades or winterization services with the O’Connor RV Service Centre.


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