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Buy Your RV on Consignment

Get a new trailer, camper or motorhome - no emptying of your savings account required - with O’Connor RV’s consignment services. How can OCRV help you purchase the RV you’ve always wanted? It’s simple!

1. Find a New RV

Start searching for your perfect RV. It can be from anywhere, including private sales. Consignment tends to be popular for newer, full-priced units.

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2. We'll Loan You the Money

O’Connor RV will finance the cost of the unit for you, so you don’t have to come up with a large sum of cash at once, or take out a high-interest bank loan.

Rv financing

3. Make Payments!

Make regular payments to O’Connor RV while enjoying your new RV. At the end of the term, full ownership of the RV is yours!

Monthly payments for your rv

Sell Your RV on Consignment

Our consignment services can also help you sell your current trailer, camper or motorhome. Simply bring your unit to O’Connor RV, and we’ll take care of the rest. We have a vast network of potential buyers who we can market to, and we’ll handle all interactions, including walk-throughs, trade-ins and financing. Once we’ve finalized the sale, we’ll pay out anything that’s left owing on the unit and cut you a cheque. Now it’s time to shop for something new!

bring us your rv

1. We’ll Take Your RV

Ready to sell your current unit? Bring it to O’Connor RV! We’ll inspect, clean and market your RV for you. We have a wide network of potential buyers, which helps increase the likelihood that your RV will sell quickly.

leave us the tough stuff

2. Leave the Tough Stuff to Us

You have better things to do on your day off than trying to sell your trailer, camper or motorhome. We’ll handle appointments, walk-throughs, and organize trade-ins and financing for any potential buyers.

let us handle the finances

3. We Handle the Finances

We’ll finalize the sale of your RV, pay out any money that’s left owing, and cut you a cheque. We can also provide you with the necessary financing to privately purchase a new RV, so you can get a new rig without emptying your bank account.

We’re One of the Few RV Dealerships in the Lower Mainland with a Consignment Program

We’re making it possible for customers from Chilliwack and all across the Fraser Valley to drive away with an RV that they love, and payments they can afford. Contact us today to learn more about how O’Connor RV’s consignment program can help you purchase or sell an RV today!

RV Consignment Services

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